Top 8 Wedding-Honeymoon Destinations For You To Enjoy

After a stressful preparation of your wedding event, wouldn’t it be amazing to have a place of relaxation and unwinding? Most newlyweds plan to go abroad actually or go to a place where both have never been. When it comes to looking for the right destination which is a place where you’ll be going to spend your time together with your partner. It is important to understand that spending your money on a place that will surely give you memories.

Here are the following honeymoon destinations that you can consider or might get interested as you look for the perfect place for your wedding day or your honeymoon getaway.

  1. Russia

This is a large country wherein it is number one country for most newly wedded couple to spend their time on a honeymoon. Why? Because Russia is ideal for a day at a beach with palm trees and white sand beach. Aside from this, you’ll want to explore St. Petersburg and Moscow which are known for as the magnificent cities of the country. While you are within the city, do not forget to visit the famous Red Square and Kremlin.

  1. Tonga

This is a small island that found at the Oceana region. This is one of the least visited islands. One thing that not everyone knows about is that it has the best treat for all of your senses. Having to splash yourself onto the waters and at the same time enjoying the marine life as you explore the wonders of the ocean. It has been said that for newly wedded couples to have a romantic day, is to see the sunset as you are sailing on the vast, beautiful sea.

  1. Mexico

Of course, there is a lot more to experience at Mexico aside from the sombreros and the spring break. Surprising as it is, you will surely have a good time dining in at their local cuisine and also see the ruins of Chichen Itza and the Palenque.

  1. Sri Lanka

It is known for its beautiful islands with fine white sands, a never-ending glow of its pristine, picturesque beaches. As the sun begins to sets down, head towards their huts and drink cocktails as you look at the breathtaking views. When it comes to fauna experience, in Sri Lanka, you will see where the leopards, elephant, turtles and some mighty blue whales beyond the coast.

  1. Botswana

If you want to have a little bit more of an adventure, this is the place where you want to be wherein it is more of an exciting destination. However, keep your eyes open for crocodiles and hippos which can alter your safety. But if you want dry land adventure they also offer their national parks wherein you will see the big five animals such as the elephant, rhino, leopard, buffalo, and lion.

  1. Belize

This is one of the best places in the world that you should consider. Aside from no one has ever known the wonders of this fantastic Caribbean escapade, it has offered so many attractions that are incredibly very impressive.

  1. Italy

If you are into history, culture, excellent food and cuisine and beauty then you can all find it in Italy. It has a heritage wherein you will love the entire view of the country, and you will also understand the background as you travel along.

  1. Malaysia

You have heard of the place Kuala Lumpur in which it has so much to offer from the North of Penang where you will see so much of a tea plantation up to the highlands of Cameron in which tropical islands that you can find it very surprising.

Runner up:

Hawaii: Who wouldn’t want to get married in Hawaii? The great thing that makes this destination stand out is the island paradise is still part of the United States. If you are getting married on the island of Oahu, we recommend this Limo Service Oahu provider.